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My name is Daniel Robichaud and I started working in the trades at a young age. In 1982 my father started bringing me to work with him so that he could teach me everything he knows about construction and I continued to work with my father until he retired.

He always told me to treat a project as if it where my own house.  Those teachings and ethics are still with me today and I truly believe that quality creates pride and pride creates happiness.

I started my business in 1986 taping peoples houses and doing renovations, additions and basements. Very shortly after starting my business customers would ask me if I could do other things on there homes and I quickly started doing complete renovations basements and anything else they wanted on there homes, always building them as if they where my own . So here I am still to this date building with exceptional quality in mind.  I always enjoy building and building relationships with the people I build for.

To this date I still build as if it were my own and I always will.

Sincerely, Dan Robichaud.

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